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GoTo Series – Post 1 – screen shots on Building a GoTo

I have not been posting for a while, partially because I have been working (Stuck?) on a comprehensive series of posts about building Go To’s with advice and examples for most common screens… let’s just say that it has been a learning experience!

My first step was to google what was out in the blog sphere and newsgroups… and let me just say, many of you are rather frustrated by trying to build Go to’s. I have to agree… sometimes I have been perplexed too on how to make a Go To work.

One great post I found was a step-by-step look at building a pretty complex Go To – the Checkbook Register Inquiry by the Dynamics Blogger:


Check it out! Next post I will dive into basic rules for adding Go To’s.

  1. David Duncan
    February 25, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Devon, looking forward to this series and what it will add to the existing knowledge of SL Builder. SmartList GoTos are extremely useful, but like many others, I’ve found them to be frustrating to build at times! At first glance, it seems so simple, but that’s not always the case!


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