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Making a new Navigation List in Builder for GP 2010

People have been searching for and asking how to use the new Navigation List builder in GP2010. So here are some basic steps for building a Navigation List:

  1. You will find the Navigation List Builder under SmartList Builder (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >>SmartList Builder >> Navigation List Builder)
  2. Add your tables, restrictions & calculated fields as normal.  Set the Field Display options and field names.  (Remember you can use the Copy/Duplicate option from an existing SmartList for this.  See my posts: Making a copy of a Builder SmartList and Copy a basic SmartList from GP into SmartList Builder? )
  3. On the upper right, select what Navigation Pane you want this list to appear on.
  4. Check Display fields – the columns on the main list (be sparing with these – but you can add more than will show on the screen – remember that users can unselect fields so they don’t show.)
  5. Select Preview fields – the bottom section on the List.  Press the Preview icon on top to organize these fields on the Preview section.
  6. If you want a Status image     for your records – press Options icon on the top to select the source field (only fields with data types of Dropdown List or Yes/No) and image for each value.
  7. Now you want to add the items to appear on the top dark blue bar of your list:
    You do this via the Actions icon on the top

    • Actions are organized into the following Groups:  Modify, New, Reports, Go To, & Actions (similar to the groups in the screen-shot above)
    • Select Large or Small Icons (the image shown will be the stock image for the Group selected)
    • Select Button priority (Primary, Secondary, Force Overflow) – what to show when displaying GP with small screen sizes
    • Several types of Actions are available:
      • Defined Action – typically items found on stock Lists for Modify and special Groups.  These will be the subject of a follow-up post. Posted on 11/5/10:  Navigation List Builder – Let’s add some Actions!
      • Execute Procedure – under Product of Microsoft Dynamics GP there are 5 to open GP windows – SOP Inquiry, RM Sales Inquiry, RM Cash Inquiry, PM Transaction Entry & PM Manual Payments 
      • Items you are used to from SmartList Builder Goto’s : Open Form, Open File & Open Web Page
  8. Save your List.  You will find it at the after the rest of the Lists on the selected Navigation Pane

Try building a new Navigation List today, I think you will find these Lists very useful!

Happy Building,

  1. Natarajan
    October 26, 2010 at 4:16 am

    Great and useful post

  2. May
    December 10, 2010 at 2:20 am

    I had created a new navigation list for Sales. I would like to add actions similar to those available under Sales Order Transactions such as Transfer, Print Documents and Remove Hold.

    I cannot find those actions from Action list. How can I add those actions?

    Appreciate advise.


  1. October 25, 2010 at 11:12 am

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