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Import / Export in the Builders

The XML export and import in SmartList Builder has existed since at least GP8 but there were lots of pieces that didn’t export (and so were missing in the imported version). In a discussion with MS support they confirm that there are various documented issues in older GP versions. In addition, Outlook didn’t like to email the XML files. So, I just got into the habit of building SmartLists on the client’s server.

Since it has been over 5 years, I figured it was time to look at the Import & Export features again. (Especially since Outlook will now email XML files without issue.)

Testing on GP 10 SP 4+  (10.00.1411), I created a SmartList with all of the various features including items that didn’t work in earlier versions (field formatting, negative values, Go To’s etc.). I exported, deleted the original and imported the XML file.

I was pleasantly surprised. I found that everything came thru EXCEPT Advanced Go To’s – which are easy to re-add after importing.  (Let me know if you are aware of any other issues!)  I will certainly be using the Import/Export in the future.  

One note – make sure you are NOT importing into a GP install that has the same List ID (for that type) it will try to overwrite the existing List without warning. (And I have found that this overwriting has unpredictable results). My trick is to save only one List in each file and name the file the List ID.

Here is how to export:
Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> SmartList Builder >> Export

You can check more than one list and various types.
Type or use the Yellow folder to navigate to your desired path.
Make sure your file has a .xml extension.
Press the Export button on the top Left.

To import:
Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> SmartList Builder >> Import

Type your file name or use the Yellow folder to navigate to your desired file.
Press the Import button on the top Left.

Be patient, it will take a little time to import your List (generally about 1 minute each or more). You will not be able to use GP until it is done importing. (If you try – GP will show as “Not Responding” and the import screen will stop updating. Don’t panic – it is still importing – just wait.)

Happy Building,

PS – Thanks for all the congratulations… my son is doing great.


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